Turn On the Information. Turn On the Savings.

Benefit directors know…informed consumers are better consumers.

Now more than ever before, benefit directors are looking for ways to save money with little or no disruption to members.

Leveraging the same evidence-based methodologies and clinical expertise that drive our other pharmacy risk management solutions, MyRxGuidance is a member education application utilizing “push” technology to inform plan participants of more cost-effective medication options.

What Is MyRxGuidance?

MyRxGuidance is a voluntary communications program that informs members of lower-cost medications.

  • Targeted member communication via push technology
  • Great for High Deductible Health Plans
  • Voluntary option for members
  • Can be implemented with your current PBM
  • Does not require PBM participation
  • Generates savings for the member & the plan
  • Driven by claims & eligibility data
  • Great for easing into our robust RxGuidance solution
  • Member education and awareness of medication costs
  • Improves health plan member satisfaction

How Does MyRxGuidance Work?

User-Friendly Platform & Easy-to-Understand Messaging

MyRxGuidance Savings

Ideal for high deductible health plans (HDHPs)

  • Informed plan participants greatly reduce their out-of-pocket costs when they convert from high-cost medications to lower-cost equivalent medications
  • Health plans save because plan participants do not meet their deductible amounts as quickly or not at all
  • If plan participants do meet their deductibles, the health plan will be paying for lower cost medications with similar therapy.

Generates savings for non-HDHPs too

  • Members lower their out-of-pocket costs by switching from brand medications to generic medications
  • Health plans reduce their cost for many medications to zero dollars

Increased Member Savings. Reduced Plan Spend.
Happy Members.

With MyRxGuidance, plan sponsors proactively provide trusted and targeted communications that guide members to savings opportunities. The plan sponsor benefits from lower pharmacy spend and higher member satisfaction.

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