As a pharmacist and pharmacy owner, Tery Baskin listened to his customers, educated them about their options, and personally called prescribers, if necessary, to help his customers get the right medication at the right price. He believed that the customers had a right to know what their options were.


The approach that Tery took with his customers as a pharmacist laid the foundation for the RxResults evidence-based philosophy. Tery set out to develop a system that would allow millions of patients and pharmacy benefits plan providers to have the same independent insight and guidance that he provided to his pharmacy customers. Tery built RxResults by combining the proven, evidence based approach of a nationally recognized College of Pharmacy with a sophisticated analytical and reporting tool developed in-house. Tery was so focused on results for the patient that he made it part of the company name. As Tery says, “When it comes to patient care, it’s not about whether you’re taking the name brand drug, it’s about taking the right drug for a condition, at the right price, for the best results”.

A good plan starts with knowing where you are today.

RxResults can turn your data into actionable insight with a Pharmacy Risk Analysis.

Pharmacy Risk Management is changing the benefits landscape.

A Pharmacy Risk Manager doesn't replace a PBM. It serves to enhance a PBM model as an advocate for the plan sponsor and its plan participants.

RxResults leverages proprietary informatics, clinical expertise & business processes to formulate actionable insights & implement evidence-based strategic initiatives to manage pharmacy & speciality pharmacy spend.

As a Pharmacy Risk Manager, RxResults:

Provides a team of independent pharmacists & benefit industry experts.

Identifies plan risks & stratifies cost savings opportunities.

Delivers unprecedented insights into drug costs & utilization trends.

Utilizes a proprietary analytics platform & clinical rules engine.

Clinical Expertise & Research

Evidence-based pharmacy risk management directly meets the challenge of ensuring access to medications proven safe & effective while providing cost control. RxResults features a collaborative relationship with the UAMS College of Pharmacy's Evidence-Based Prescription Drug Program (EBRx).

About EBRx

Nationally recognized in pharmacy & pharmacy education.

Focuses on patient safety & clinical efficacy.

Has been helping benefit plans & their plan participants save on prescription costs since 2004.

Provides independent & unbiased analyses of peer-reviewed clinical studies of medications & classes of medications.

Develops clinical & evidence-based prior authorization criteria.

Rewriting the script
on your pharmacy plan


Executive Team

Tery Baskin

Founder, President and CEO

Tery Baskin, PharmD, is Founder, President and CEO. Prior to RxResults, Tery served as the COO and CMO for NMHC (now Catamaran), a publicly traded PBM based in New York. His pharmacy career has included serving as President of a PBM (Pharmacy Associates Inc.), owning three community pharmacies, serving on boards and in other leadership roles at state and national pharmacy associations, and federal task forces related to health care reform. Tery currently serves as Treasurer & Trustee of The American Pharmacists Association (APhA). Tery has BS and PharmD degrees from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Alan Gardner

Principal & Senior Vice President of Operations

Alan Gardner, MBA, is a Principal & Senior Vice President of Operations. Alan leads all operational efforts at RxResults. He has made a career in health care and has held leadership positions in multiple health care centers, a health care IT company (President and COO), and a PBM. Alan is also very involved in national health care standards organizations holding leadership positions in organizations such as the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (Board of Trustees), WEDI, and CAQH Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange. Alan and Tery previously worked together at NMHC for seven years. Alan has a BS degree from UNC Chapel Hill and a MBA from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

L.G. Hanzel

Principal & Vice President of Business Development

L.G. Hanzel, Principal & Vice President of Business Development, has more than 20 years experience in healthcare, benefits, managed care and technology sales & marketing. L.G. has an extensive background in and knowledge of the self-insurance industry and healthcare informatics. Hanzel is actively involved in the Self-Insurance Institute of America, Health Care Administrators Association, the National Business Coalition on Health and other regional business health coalitions. Prior to RxResults, L.G, served in various sales & marketing management roles, including director of sales for Benefitfocus & Benefit Informatics. Hanzel earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Oklahoma Baptist University.