6 Signs that You’ve Chosen the Right Pharmacy Risk Management Company

Healthcare costs continue to soar. The economy remains stagnant, and some experts think we’re headed for another downturn. To keep your company solvent, you need to get pharmaceutical costs under control. The prescription drug market is incredibly complex and constantly in flux. You need the help of a pharmacy risk management company to meet your goals. Are you comparing companies and plans?

Here are six signs that your PRM company will help you save money while improving employee health.


Sign #1: The company works with experts to make evidence-based decisions

Pharmaceutical research is complicated. A layperson might not be able to separate good studies from bad. In addition, firms often fail to publish negative results. You need access to a team of experts who can sift through the data and make evidence-based recommendations about covered drugs.

Sign #2: The company educates primary care providers, pharmacists, and patients

Drug plans are more effective when key stakeholders understand the coverage, the evidence behind decisions, and any potential pitfalls and interactions. Your PCM company should employ professionals to work with stakeholders. Education improves compliance and satisfaction.

Sign #3: The company staffs its call center with healthcare professionals

Any drug plan needs to have a helpline available for physicians. Sometimes, the covered formularies don’t help a particular patient. A well-staffed call line can help primary care physicians find solutions for your plan members.

Sign #4: The company continually monitors the market and adapts to changes

The prescription drug market exists in a permanent state of flux. New drugs come on the market, new research relates to older drugs, and new generics go on sale every day. You plan members want quality care at affordable prices. A good PCM company will make sure the plan keeps up with current developments in the field.

Sign #5: The company has staff devoted to managing specialty drugs

Pharmaceuticals are becoming more specialized, especially when it comes to diseases like cancer. Your PCM should employ people who understand specialty drugs and who can work within the plan to get your employees the healthcare they need.

Sign #6: The company can identify and help high-risk and high-needs members

Some people take their medications religiously, double check side-effects and interactions, and promptly discuss any problems with their primary care physicians. Other people have trouble managing their own care. They may skip doses, forget refills, or ignore side effects until a crisis erupts. High risk patients increase your costs. A good PCM can use data to identify high risk plan members. With intervention, education, and supervision, a PCM can improve outcomes and reduce costs.


RxResults strives to be the perfect PCM partner for your business. We work with researchers from the University of Arkansas to ensure that our decisions are evidence-based and up-to-date. Our staff includes physicians, nurses, and pharmacists who work to answer questions, resolve disputes, and find solutions for patients and physicians. We closely monitor the drug industry and stay on top of the latest developments. We know our specialty drugs, and we can help your high-risk members achieve better health. Are you ready to control your drug costs and improve employee health? Contact RxResults today and learn how we can help.