When it comes to evidence-based pharmacy risk management, RxResults does all the heavy lifting.
Through our proven Take AIM model, we make it possible for you
to significantly and immediately reduce specialty & non-specialty pharmacy spend.


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Client Testimonials

“RxResults did a great job directing every step of the implementation and delivering a smooth go live.  They worked directly with our PBM to integrate their strategies into the adjudication system.  They educated and prepared my benefits team.  And, they proactively and professionally communicated with all impacted members.”

Benefit Director, Employer

“I’ve been working with RxResults for almost a decade now and can tell you firsthand…RxResults reduces and controls pharmacy benefit spend. RxResults’ proprietary informatics and clinical expertise gives our member companies a direct line of sight into their pharmacy benefit spend that they’ve never had before.”

Vice President, Business Coalition

“Our clients have saved millions of dollars on specialty drug spend. RxResults gives us confidence that members are getting the right drug at the right time and at the right price.”

President & CEO, Third-Party Administrator

“RxResults put me back in the driver’s seat.  My clients are reducing and controlling their pharmacy benefit spend and my practice is growing.  My clients were frustrated with the status quo PBM model.  Everything was reactive and we had limited access to information.” 

Vice President, Benefit Consultant