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Tery Baskin, PharmD, Founder & CEO of RxResults


The evolution of Evidence-Based Rx Management

The RxResults concept is more a story than strategy, born from one pharmacist's mission to empower his customers with evidence-based pharmacy options.


As a pharmacist, Dr. Baskin listened to his customers, he believed that the customer had a right to know what their options were.


The approach that Dr. Baskin took with his customers as a pharmacist laid the foundation for the RxResults evidence-based philosophy.

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An unbiased, third-party partner is the only way to ensure the dollars you spend on your pharmacy plan are spent with a well thought out plan – implemented by a clinical team with access to the most up-to-date, peer-reviewed, clinically relevant research.

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Participate in the RxResults Specialty Drug Financial
Impact Study.

In an effort to complete the industry's most comprehensive and relevant survey on the financial impact of specialty drugs, RxResults is asking self-funded employers to participate in our online survey.
This anonymous, 15-question survey, will take less than 10 minutes, and you will receive an advanced copy of the aggregated results for your own use for participating.

Your participation will allow us to compile a comprehensive study on the financial impact of specialty drugs, best practices, and trends. Your insight will help provide solutions to rapidly increasing specialty drug prices and other factors that can increase your pharmacy plan spend.

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