12-17% Reduction
in Rx Spend

16-19% Increase in Member Savings

16-19% Increase in
Member Savings

20-23% Below National Trend

20-23% Below
National Trend

Over $230M Savings to Date

Over $230M
Savings to Date


Measurable Results

EMPLOYER PROFILE: 14,000 Members

RxResults doesn’t just talk about savings… we quantify it. See how much you could be saving with an Evidence-Based Pharmacy Risk Management strategy.

News and Events

RxResults CEO Receives Highest Ark. Tech University Honor

Tery Baskin, CEO of RxResults, will receive the highest honor Arkansas Tech University may bestow on an individual in 2016. Mr. Baskin, along with David Krueger of Russellville and Mike Miller of Russellville, will be inducted into the Arkansas Tech Hall of Distinction during spring commencement ceremonies at John E. Tucker Coliseum in Russellville on…


RxResults Explainer Video

Meet Sharon. Sharon is the Benefits Manager for ABC Company. Learn how RxResults was able to help Sharon and her company save significantly on their pharmacy spend while improving employee health and productivity.


pharmacy risk management

6 Signs that You’ve Chosen the Right Pharmacy Risk Management Company

Healthcare costs continue to soar. The economy remains stagnant, and some experts think we’re headed for another downturn. To keep your company solvent, you need to get pharmaceutical costs under control. The prescription drug market is incredibly complex and constantly in flux. You need the help of a pharmacy risk management company to meet your…


Healthcare Costs

Has the ACA Lowered Drug Prices?

When the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, legislators hoped the law would reduce the cost of medical care. After five years, have consumers seen a reduction in healthcare costs? According to PBS News Hour, no. American consumers pay more for drugs than anyone else in the world. And while the ACA has made insurance…


RxResults CEO, Tery Baskin, to Speak at Southwest Benefits Association Healthcare Forum

Tery Baskin, CEO of RxResults will be speaking at the annual Southwest Benefits Association Healthcare Forum on October 1st, 2015 in Tulsa, OK. Tery will be speaking on the following topics: Risk Management Strategies for Pharmacy Benefits Latest strategies in Specialty Pharmacy Best Practices for Medication Therapy Management Managing the Financial Impact The cost to…


Data Driven Rx: 5 cost-saving strategies of pharmacy risk management

Pharmacy spending is on the rise with employers applying 40% of their entire medical spending budget to prescription drug costs, but what if anything can really be done to manage it? Enter: The Pharmacy Risk Manager (PRM). Your Pharmacy Risk Manager helps manage and control your company’s pharmacy benefit spending, using these 5 cost-saving strategies.…


Rewriting the Script on Your Pharmacy Spend

Do you feel hijacked by your medical spending? Do you grit your teeth and pay because it is part of running a business? What if I told you, your employee’s experience and productivity at work would improve by taking control of your medical spending, specifically your prescription drug program? Seems crazy right? RxResults puts you…